Day 15 in Rīga

There is a big rythm difference between passing by a new city for a few days, and getting there to stay.

There is also a theory that speaks about the soul ‘’still on its way’’even when the body has already arrived to its destination. I like to believe this.

Arriving in Riga was a literal landing after almost a month of busy movements, of planning, of changes and of unexpected travles, farewells, airports and many many traveled kilometers.

The first days are now felt more as the vague memory of a dream, even though there are clear experiences like the first dinner at LIDO, the first latvian beer (raspberry flavored), the first walk to BamBuss and the first night at the new home in which I could make a pause and think: what am I doing here?

And yes, in reality Latvia is a country from we (mexicans) don’t know much about, and from which we assume very little. So I arrived here with few margins on what to expect, I mean, the cold weather is clear. But for the rest, not exactly.

Till today, my 15th day living here and with the tranquility that the long term program is allowing me to have, I have learned a bit more about the latvian culture and its people. In general, I could summarize that culture is less warm than back at home, at least during these first encounters; but still the politness and attentions I have received from the people around have been wonderful: from balzams and chocolates, to tips on fighting sickness and cold, potatoes, and local products that I have never seen before. But specially, the interest for Mexico and for spanish language is remarkable and very surprising for me.

It is exciting, this feeling of having a whole new city to explore and discover, a new beggining, and the chance to create and learn throughout every future aspect confronted.

And at the same time, this freedom, this blank canvas throws out questions to my mind; as how am I going to be in a year from now? How familiar would be the environment that right now is so confusing? What are going to be the new acquaired habits and likes that arise from a distant and unimaginable culture?

Riga is a constant game of diversity, from old and new, from memories of not so long ago; and I believe that what I am about to find in this city as the time goes by would inevitably be worth of sharing in future posts at this blog.

Looking forward for it. Paldies.

Lucia Araiza.


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