The first out of twelve



I arrived a month ago to Rīga. And oh well, isn’t time relative?

In some way it has flew away and escaped between my fingers like Baltic’s sand.

But oddly, in the other hand, is so fulfilled with memories, experiences and sensations that it would be possible to run a comparative test with other stages and say that until now it has not been a month, but several.

It’s funny to feel that you are back home at a new house, that you see a friend in new faces, that you recognise the downtown whereabouts of a new city, that you understand some words in other people conversations that before felt like distant and unbreakable codex.

Now, as the ciaos, paldies, lūdzus, ielas, numbers and days of the week that jump out of surrounding convos, there are details also popping out and becoming familiar, like the public transport stop in which one needs to get down for on place or another, the directions to get to a zone or another around town, some manners, gestures, smells at particular areas, some flavours of local brews and dishes and much more.

In this month there has been challenges, achievements and also failures; but the most important of all was, is and I hope it will continue to be; enjoying each day, living it only in the present time. There’s no more.

This is how you make an EVS.

Day by day, present.

Here we go for the next eleven months.

Lucia Araiza.


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