Tippy tap in Lucavsala


Latvia has water.

But this fact should not make Latvians or any other person living in this land forget about how important it is to take care of natural resources and to manage them properly. Somewhere I read that is not internet what connect us, but water. Completely truth.

Since two weeks ago, in collaboration with Homo Ecos EVS volunteers Lucie and Aaron as well as intern Marco, and all the other local volunteers interested in this project, I’ve become part of the team working at the Homo Ecos garden in Lucavsala.

Spring cleaning has been the first stage for this initiative, and also the idea to collect rain water and to really take care of the blue gold on this space is becoming the lead for my collaboration. So, last weekend we got hands on and built the first stage of a Tippy Tap, a system that allows you to wash your hands spending only 40ml of water, and bringing it back into the aquifer.

The next stage is to develop the rain catchment system that will provide water to the gardening activities. There is an upcoming event for the 22nd of April (in celebration of Earth’s day) and there we will held a workshop on this topic, applying it to the actual building of the system.

The potential of this space is fantastic, and I’m quite sure that in some weeks it will be a great learning and sharing spot for all people interested in re connecting with the environment, learning how to better manage natural resources and how to take advantage of their own spaces to lead a more sustainable, healthier life.

So it is a win, win for every scenario. If you would like to join this process and activities, please do, all help will be much appreciated, and specially you will enjoy it a lot.

Potential garden love.




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