Work according to an EVS



So here it is. You may have noticed, it makes a while i haven’t written anything about my experience as a French in Latvia. And you know what? Well, because I had few very busy months. I am here for 7 months. Only 5 months left. Time flies… I won’t tell you eveything I did during all these months but I will try to speak about something which matters to me.

At work. Most of my time, I spend it at work. In a short period, I have learned a lot. I taught French for beginners to Latvian people. Great, challenging, and worth it as they were very satisfied. I also lead French language coffee for about 3 months for intermediary or high levels.

I have also learned a lot in poster designing. I make my own posters, hurray! Real hard task for me, who didn’t have any skills in that field. Okay, there are not awesome, but there are not terrible either. Furthermore, I am trying to realize facebook cover pictures for my NGO by using Photoshop. This learning process is quite long because I am discovering this software and of course the result is not enough satisfying yet. And I go even deeper in graphic design as I am trying to do a promotional video to describe the Baltic Regional Funds’ activities. I face a huge montain of unknown knowledge, but I am always ready to take up a challenge.

So, as you can see, I experiment. After all, EVS is all about this: experimenting new things that labour market does not always allow us. Indeed, very often in this market we have to know everything and be efficient, effective, productive. But we all know that it’s impossible. However, we keep wanting believing in it, or at least the managers. Nevertheless, in this specific unusual context, hypocrisy doesn’t exist. Mistake is possible as it is human.

This kind of work is promising and full of hope. I am happy and trustful for the future.



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